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Definition of Done & Acceptance Criteria

I will write about the difference between Definition of Done and Acceptance Criteria.
These difference may look a bit confusing.

Definition of Done

  • "Done" means differently by person.
  • Make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • This is a definition common to a project.
  • Improve “Definition of Done” in the Retrospective.
Quotations from "Essential Scrum"

Acceptance Criteria

  • “Acceptance Criteria” is a criteria for PO to accept if PBI is "done" or not.
  • Each PBI has its own “Acceptance Criteria”.
  • Make “Acceptance Criteria” in the Sprint Planning.
  • Write “Acceptance Criteria” on PBI.(Post-it)


An example of PBI
As an internet banking customer
  • I want to see a rolling balance for my everyday accounts
  • so that I know the balance of my account after each transaction is applied
  • An example of acceptance criteria
The rolling balance is displayed
  • The rolling balance is calculated for each transaction
  • The balance is displayed for every transaction for the full period of time transactions are available
  • The balance is not displayed if a filter has been applied
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