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[MeetUp] Halloween with Tech Geeks @ BGC

Last Thursday I made a presentation in English at [MeetUp] Halloween with Tech Geeks @ BGC.

Because I wrote the script in advance, I was able to presentation.
However I wasn't able to understand the audience's question and I didn't answer well.
I need to study English hard!



The slide was uploaded to Slideshare.
Is Scrum the Best Choice for you?

This presentation was "OUT OF COMFORT ZONE" for me.
And I also felt the "HRT" and kindness from YOYO staff.
Taka and Kuni trusted me to have a presentation
Qori, Yuyu, Yuji and Zak helped me with my practice.
Zakame and Zak helped me on a question period.

I appreciate all their help.
I convince that YOYO is excellent team!
by aratafuji | 2015-11-03 20:50 | English